Xmas Fairy Doors - The Big Reveal


Right then! Here we have the lowdown on how my Xmas fairy doors got made! I had such fun making these. I worked out a design idea in my head and then put it all into action. You can go thru the process here with me on this blog post. 😀

Getting Started


FIrstly I started out by painting the frame and base in a traditional Xmas red.


Next I painted the doors themselves a traditional Xmas green and decided to also add a little green on the base. 



Then the really fun part started when I got to paint all the accessories I was going to use on the door to decorate them - some cute little Xmas wreaths, Xmas trees, snowmen and Santa hats. It all started to look like a bit of a production line by this point lol. 


Close-up Detail

At this point I took a close-up photo of these items because I thought I’d show you the detail involved.

The little wreaths have some gold detailing around the edge and some shiny red gems to look like baubles. The Xmas tree has some gold detailing on the front and all around the edge, some more shiny red gems for baubles and some small snow detail has been applied - doesn’t that look awesome! The star was painted in gold and then gold glitter was applied.

The snowman has had glitter applied to make it sparkle and there’s also some gold detailing on the scarf so it looks like gold thread running thru it - clever bit of detailing that don’t you think? 😜


Final Result

And the end result is here!!! The Santa hat has also had glitter applied along the brim and on the bobble and I also added some sparkly snowflakes to the hat. To complete the door the word ‘believe’ has been added which is painted in gold, some more sparkly glitter has been put on the edge of the base and some more little bits of snow detail have been put on around the base of the snowman and Xmas tree. I think you’re all coming to know me for my detail now aren’t you? 😜


And here they are altogether!!! I just have to say that I’m absolutely loving these and hope they prove to be popular. 😍😍😍 What is your opinion though? I’d love to hear from you so please do leave any comments below 👇