My workspace

Behind the scenes

Today I thought I would give you a 'behind the scenes' look at my workspace so that you can see where all my lovely hand-painted creations and designs come to life.


My desk

This is my lovely white desk sitting in front of the window. This gives me lots of lovely natural light to work with - I do have an extra spotlight for those moments I need one, especially in the evenings - and a lovely view of the canal. My storage crates sit underneath - this is where I store all my doors to be worked on and also all my finished stock items. The tools of my trade all sit in the fantastic trolley next to my desk which can also be wheeled out to another room should I feel like working in a different location. 😉


My paint trolley

This is my fabulous trolley on wheels - I absolutely love this as it allows me to keep everything that I need to work with in one location but I can also move the trolley to wherever I need it to be. Guess where I got all the jars on the top shelf from? I love a good coffee and a company called Littles make this great instant flavoured coffee in these rather cute little jars - once emptied they make fabulous paint jars. 😉



These are some of the embellishments that I use to decorate my fairy doors with. As you can see I have plenty of diffrent items to use including wooden items, lots and lots of different coloured flowers, birds and pearls and many different coloured shiny gems also. These all help to give each fairy door that really individual look so that each of you get a one-off item - no two doors are ever exactly the same. 


My view

And finally I thought you might like to see a slightly better view of the canal which I get to look at whilst I work - create would be a much better word though as what I do never feels like work. 😀 

This view is ever changing as the canal boats move up and down the canal or simply park up there for a few days. It's so nice to be able to see something different every day. It can be quite relaxing but also inspiring too. 😊