White Leila fairy door - completed project

End Result

Welcome back to see the completed customer order project from yesterday. As you know the customer asked for a cream door with sparkles from the Leila range to which I decided to also add some pale pink and this is the end result! πŸ˜€


Well, to give this door the sparkles that she asked for I did something I've never done before - I added iridescent glitter to the front part of it and doesn't it look amazing! 

I gave this even more sparkles in the form of the hearts and bows bunting and some tiny little gems along the bottom edge of the birdcage - also one little sparkly gem on the bow and a teeny tiny one on the fairy's wand. 😊


The beautiful floral display continues the cream and pink theme with a tiny added touch of purple in the rosebuds which was then also picked up in the bow on the birdcage. Of course this door just had to had some sparkly fairy dust and a teeny tiny fairy and to complete this project I personalised it with the customers name. πŸ˜€

I am so so so pleased with how this turned out - I think it looks absolutely magical! The customers response?? Well, read for yourself... 


I think she was happy don't you? 😜😍😜