What I do, how I do it and why

Hi there! I’m Christine, the fairy behind the scenes of Christie’s Crafts and today I’m going to give you a little more insight into what I do, how I do it and why. 

So, let’s get started!


So what do I actually DO?

Well, first and foremost I create the opportunity for you and your child to invite a fairy into your home via a magical portal in the form of a fairy door which enables the fairy to travel between their world and ours. 

These particular ones even have doors that open and close and one of my lovely customers said to me recently “I’m having a hard time in my life lately and this is like opening a new door to a new start”. Isn’t that another lovely way of viewing these doors? 😀 

These are not the only doors that I create however. Read on. 😜


I also do these lovely little doors that you can sit on the skirting board and....fairy accessories! Why fairy accessories? Well now, just look at the sample photos above and you will get an idea why. Look at the amazing fairy scenes that can be created with just a little creativity and imagination. Each piece can be moved around giving you endless possible variations. Just give a child a fairy door and a few accessories and watch and listen to what they do with them.


Even fairies like to celebrate Halloween...


...and Xmas!


I also do these rather cute, quirky little wonky fairy houses too. These are extra special as they also double up as fabulous tea-light candle holders. Just place a battery operated tea-light candle inside and watch it twinkle through all the windows at night....it looks absolutely amazing! Just imagine getting your fairy one of these! 😲😀😍

Now to HOW I do this.

A brush & paint, a steady hand, careful thought put into creating a unique design & a magic fairy door or house comes to life! Each and every one is hand-painted by me personally and can even be personalised with a name. No two are ever the same....sometimes people will ask for something similar but I will always individualise it in some way so that you get a door that no-one else has, something unique just for you! Just like the one below. 😀😍


So WHY do I do this?

Well, firstly lots of children believe in fairies and magic. Secondly fairy doors and accessories are a great tool to help develop a child's creativity and imagination which in turn helps the neurons in their brain to connect faster. Not only that but being creative and using their imagination also enables them to learn to think outside the box.....always a great skill to have in life. Besides those reasons though they also give a child the chance to have endless hours of creative fun! Three great reasons for having a fairy door and accessories in your home don’t you think? And those are the main reasons why I do this! 😀

Having said all that though, my fairy doors are not just for children....there are even adults who still believe plus they make beautiful home display items...and let’s not forget what my lovely customer said. 😉

So.....that’s what I do, how I do it and why! I hope this might inspire you to think about getting one of these beautiful fairy doors or even a fairy house and inviting a fairy and some magic into your home and your life. It’s never a bad idea either to encourage a child’s creativity and imagination or to give them lots of fun creating their very own Fairy Wonderland. 😀😍

If there’s anything I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am usually hanging about either on here or on my social media channels.....I’m very friendly and I don’t bite, honest! 😜


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