Fairy Door Styles - work in progress

Getting Started

Usually, when I create a design for one of my fairy doors I will do it from start to finish. This time I decided to do three Leila fairy doors at the same time. Why? Because I had various colour combinations in my head that I wanted to use and so I painted these first a couple of days ago and completed decorating them today. 


I must say I rather like the three main colours altogether. I might do a fairy door with these three colours in the future....blue/purple/pink....what do you think? Anyway, onto the first door below.


Floral Theme - Style No 1

With this one I decided to use resin flowers to create a pretty floral display and then also added the fairy sign along with a tiny fairy who has been given some sparkle with lovely iridescent glitter. I just love that big shiny flower on the top don’t you?


Steampunk Theme - Style No 2

The next one was a bit of a detour from my usual styles. I really wanted to try something quite different this time. I had some cog shapes which I thought would make for an awesome steampunk theme and I even used metallic paint to give them that metallic look. A nice little shiny key and sign complete this design. What do you think of this one....is this to your taste or not?


Garden Theme - Style No 3

Last but not least I went back to using my natural looking paper flowers, creating a garden type theme. I love the soft, warm muted colours on this fairy door and have to say that this is my favourite of the three doors. 


Final Results

Here they are side by side for you to compare.....do you have a fave? 😀😍