NEW!! Fairy Door Bundles/Kits

Fairy Door Bundles and Kits

I have some fabulous news to share with you today! I’ve created these Lindi fairy door bundles and kits to my product range. What’s the difference I hear you ask? Well, read on...


Fairy Door Bundle

A fairy door bundle comes complete with a finished fairy door, some stepping stones, some fairy dust and a key in a bottle. 


Fairy Door Kit

A fairy door kit comes complete with an unfinished fairy door for you to paint and assemble yourself, some stepping stones, some fairy dust and a key in a bottle.


And here you can see a close-up of the little extras that you get with either of these fairy doors.

😲 How awesome is that!!!! So, whether you’d like a finished product or you’d like to paint your own I believe either of these will make a great little starter kit to take you on your fairy journey. They’d also make a wonderful little party pack gift or you could even use one as a stocking filler for Xmas!

Don’t you think this is a great idea?? Please do leave your comments below 👇  I’d love to hear from you!

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