NEW Fairy Door Style - work in progress

New Style Fairy Door

Today I have a brand-new style of fairy door to show you. I wanted a cute new design that could sit on the skirting board along with my lovely fairy accessories and I think I’ve found it! 😃


This new fairy door is called Lindi and even has some lovely little bunting, a door handle and a letterbox - isn’t it just too cute!! 😜


This is after I had painted the new doors - I left the bunting until I knew what embellishments were going to go on them so that I could match the colour scheme.  


Fairy Doors Final Result

And here they are all completed! Each one has glitter all around the frame and on the bunting to give them some fairy sparkle and even though they are all of a similar design they are still that little bit different to each other so that everyone gets something unique!

So, what do you think of this new design? Please leave your comments below 👇