Fairy accessories

Check these out!

OMG! How awesome are these? I have so many different little accessories for you to choose from to help you create that unique and magical fairyland scene on your wall.  😀


You can have just one or two of these to create a simple little fairyland scene or even more to create something really amazing! Imagine the hours of fun your child can have with these! Just add a little blu-tack to the back of each one and they can place and replace them wherever they want, making up their little stories as they go - just let your child's creativity and imagination run free! 😄

Do you have a favourite or perhaps even a few favourites? I have to say I really like the newbies I've just added to the range - the tiny fairy/elf shoes, the little birdhouse, the cool wheelbarrow with the pretty daisies and how about that cute little bicycle? I know fairies usually fly but who's to say they wouldn't also like to cycle just for fun now and again? Grinzz!

Whichever ones you choose, I would love to see some of the beautiful scenes you or your child create with these so please do feel free to send me your photos if you'd like to. 🙂