Lilac Leila fairy door - work in progress

What a beautiful fairy door this turned out to be! I’ll show you the process from start to finish and then you can see what you think.

Getting Started 


It started with a customer order for a Leila fairy door in pink, lilac and cream with flowers and glitter. The first step was to get the door itself painted.



Next I painted the frame and the stand. I decided to put stripes on the door itself to go with the stand and I also painted some lilac on the front of the stand to match the door frame. Looks pretty neat huh? 😊  


Adding the embellishments

Then I started playing with different elements, trying to decide what to decorate it with. I ended up with what you can see in the photo and placed it where I thought it would make the best composition. Then it was time to paint the extra pieces that I was going to place on the fairy door. 


Final result 

And this is the end result! Glitter has been applied to the fence, bunting, the heart and the birdcage to give it some sparkle and it was completed with some personalisation just as the customer ordered. 😀😍 

Just in case you’re wondering here is the customers review of the finished product! It’s so nice to get such a glowing response like makes all the time and effort worthwhile! (You can find more reviews from customers here).


So, what do you think? Did you spot the teeny tiny fairy? 😉