Fairy Door Challenge - Work In Progress

Getting Started

Recently a customer asked me for one of the Leila range of fairy doors in three different colours of pink, teal and yellow. She wanted the colours to be blended which is something I’d never done before. However I’m not one to give up on a challenge so I got on with the job in hand and this is what I came up with.


If you look closely you will see I carried the blending onto the inside and outside edges too....doesn’t the final result look awesome! 😀


Final Result

The customer happens to be a DJ so of course she asked for some musical notes but also told me that she loves hearts and stars.....and could I please add a rainbow, some bunting, some sparkly glitter and to personalise it with her DJ name Deelicious! For the sparkle I’ve put some glitter on the door itself, on the bunting and a little bit on the front edge of the stand....can you tell? It looks amazing in real life, especially when the light catches it! More pink was asked for so I painted the front edge of the stand also which I think makes it really stand out! 

I’m SUPER pleased with how this one turned out and I’m pleased to report that the customer is absolutely thrilled with it!!! 😍😀

What do you think? Please leave your lovely comments below 👇