Fairy Cottages

Getting started

Yahhh!!! A customer order for two of my gorgeous quirky little fairy cottages came in recently so I thought I'd show you the process from start to finish of how these get made. 😃😜


Firstly I start with laying out all the pieces to make sure I have everything I need to build them up and this is what that looks like. 😜 

Now, for the purpose of this demonstration I'm going to show you how just one of the cottages gets made.  


The first thing I do is to glue the main structure of the cottage together and then let it dry. 



Next I paint the main structure and then I stick the roof pieces on and paint those too. It starts to look like a cottage at this point but it still needs the door and windows to be added which will give it more depth. 


Adding the bits n pieces

The door on the cottage itself then gets painted and then I paint the door frame and each of the windows seperately before I stick those pieces onto the main structure.   

The little sign that goes with the cottage is then painted and finally the cottage itself gets decorated.


Final result 

I've put a little bird, butterflies & flowers on each cottage and then I've applied some glitter around the edge of the roof frame, on all the windows and the butterflies. There's also some tiny little gems around the edge of the roof frame too which really help to set it off. 😃


The signs have each been personalised as requested by the customer. 



Oh, and one other important thing you should know about these - you can put a battery operated tealight candle inside. They look absolutely awesome with the light flickering thru every window at night-time - a great night-light for kids perhaps? 

So now I'd love to hear what you think of the finished result - please leave your comments below. 👇😃