Fairy Door Inspiration - work in progress

Getting Started

Sometimes I get inspiration for the colours of my fairy doors from things I see around me. That happened today when I bought myself a lovely top to wear from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill which came in beautiful deep shades of purple, hot pink and blue. 



I started by painting one of the Leila fairy doors. Looking good so far? 


Then I completed the rest of it. Such lovely rich colours - don’t they look great together? I decided to go for a blended type effect with a few bolder strokes of colour on the top part of the door frame and I rather like this effect. Lately I’ve been doing a few fairy doors similar to this as you can see here


Final Result

Here we have the final result! With natural looking paper flowers in matching colours, a lamp-post, a birdcage and a fairy sign this door has a more homely look to it which I love! Added touches come in the form of a couple of butterflies and the tiny fairy who lives here. To complete the look I decided to add the word ‘believe’ - we all believe in fairies don’t we? 

This fairy door even sparkles in the light with touches of glitter and shiny gems on the top part of the lamp, on the birdcage, the butterflies, the fairy of course and along the base of the frame itself. It gives it such a lovely magical finish!