Purple Leila fairy door - work in progress

Getting Started

Leila fairy door getting started

I decided to stick to using just two different shades of purple on this door and once painting was complete I put lots of lovely silver glitter all over the door. Then I thought I would add a highlight colour of pink and started with the word ‘believe’ which you can see in the photo above - such a great word for a fairy door don’t you think? 😉

Fairy door embellishments


In this next photo you can see all the embellishments I decided to use on the door to decorate it - isn’t that little owl just too cute? Along with the door itself, all of these get hand-painted by me also, apart from the paper flowers of course - you can see I’ve made a start 😜

Leila fairy door final result

Final Result

And here’s the beautiful fairy door all completed! I thought I’d go with striped fencing this time and pick up the colour of the door - doesn't it look awesome? I also put a couple of other purple embelishements too and chose flowers with the same colours in them to match the whole colour scheme. A bit more silver glittter on the fairies and butterflies and some tiny pink gems on the bunting finished this door off nicely. 😀 😍

So, what are your thoughts on this door? Do you like it? What kind of theme would you call this?I’d love to read your comments below 👇