Fairy Scene - work in progress

Getting started

Fairy scene parts - makes a great gift for a child

Recently I had an order from a local customer asking for one of my larger complete fairy scenes for her soon to be born grand-daughter.

This door is 15cm high with the fencing already attached - it also comes complete with everything you see in the photo.

Fairy scene - door and fence


Usually I start by painting the base first and this particular customer wanted light pink and green. 

Fairy scene parts - letterbox, door frame, lamp-post

I then paint the other main parts of the scene and for this I decided to use two shades of pink to give it some interest and contrast. 

Fairy scene makes a great gift for a child


I then paint the smaller parts and add a little detail to the animals. Then I stick everything onto the base to complete the basic fairy scene. Next comes the fun part - embellishing it. πŸ˜€

Fairy scene makes a great gift for a child

Final Result

And here we have the end product! All the embellishments really bring it to life don't you think? From the tiny little pearls on the letterbox, the pretty hearts and bows, the cute smiley flower, the teeny tiny fairy, the baby rattle....right through to the personalisation!

I can happily conclude that the customer was thrilled - β€œIt’s perfect!” she said. πŸ˜€πŸ˜